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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Posting for Lois Chan Pedley and Lisa Gibson
Happy Corner Parent Participation
Call for Proposals
April 2015

Project Description:

Happy Corner Parent Participation Preschool is an exceptional play-based preschool located in East Vancouver. This project is working to create more sustainability for the preschool over the next several years. There are two components to this Call for Proposals for a Program Stabilization Grant, sustainability and fundraising, and marketing for a total of $5,000.

Sustainability and fundraising:
  • To research best practices in creating sustainable preschool programs in the Lower Mainland in order to inform a sustainability plan for Happy Corner Preschool
  • To review the current model of fundraising and program operations at Happy Corner.
  • To make recommendations for a plan for fundraising that ensures a sustainable future for the preschool. 

  • To examine the current marketing plan of Happy Corner and identify gaps in the preschool’s marketing and communication.
  • To develop a marketing plan in conjunction with the Happy Corner executive to support full enrolment and support the preschool as a centre of community and parent learning.

Total of grant: $5,000

Please submit a proposal for this project by April 17, 2015 to happycornerinfo@gmail.com.

Thanks HCP

Monday, 9 March 2015

Getting back to nature in a digital age

Dr. Scott Sampson

Dr. Scott Sampson, a world renowned palaeontologist, who grew up in Vancouver. Scott hosts the popular kids show Dinosaur Train on PBS and he is the author of a book coming out in March exploring the serious disconnect between kids growing up in the digital age and nature. The book is entitled How to Raise a Wild Child

Photograph by: Vancouver Sun, Handout

DR SCOTT Sampson is the reason my almost 5 yr daughter is a dinosaur expert and wants to be a Paleontologist. We got kind of stuck inside this winter with colds and flu and some torrential rains that were so bad our basement flooded when normally we like to go outside no matter what. This is a really great article to remind us to do that and give our kids some free range time. Inspired by the article we went to the Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment in Richmond. K said let's go back there a dozen times on the way home. I hope that we can stay off the couch and get out there everyday and run around and get silly, breathe fresh air and play!

Friday, 27 February 2015

This is a clip from the Recess Monkeys' Show "Curious Circus Live" 4:53 - 7:19 but if you have 50 something minutes to watch the whole show its really great! A nice change from the usual cartoon fare. Recess Monkey are 3 teachers from Seattle who are a prolific band. We have about 8 of their albums and I can't count how many of the songs are my favourite. They are hilarious live. We are their #1 Canadian Fans. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Parent Education Night this Tuesday Feb 10 7-8:30pm 
HC Parent Jozi Grant has picked another thoughtful subject. Check it out. If you want to join us, RSVP at happycornerinfo@gmail.com

Here is another interesting article talking about "Play Based Education" which is what we follow at HCP

Thursday, 22 January 2015

"Stay and Play" is for you and your child to experience the space and meet Hisae our Teacher and our Parents. Oh, yeah you are supposed to have fun!

 We strongly recommend that you book a separate School Observation before Feb 28th plus attend any of our upcoming Parent Education Nights. Next one is Tuesday Feb 10, 7pm - 9pm. In order to have a complete orientation of our School.

It is our sincerest wish that by the time you decide to register, you are making an informed commitment and will participate wholeheartedly! After all we are registering the Family as well as the Child. 

"Stay & Play" / Early Registration Saturday February 28th 10am - 12pm

 Happy Corner Parent Participation Preschool 3434 Falaise Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V5M 4C1

to RSVP for our Stay & Play / Early Registration, book an observation, attend Parent Education Nights.

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