Monday, 17 November 2014

Bring your children for a pancake breakfast with Santa! Bring your friends. Please feel free to share this on our own page. The more, the merrier! happycornerinfo @ for tickets or silent auction donations.

There are many charming and imaginative spots for the kids to explore on the grounds of Happy Corner Preschool. One of them is this beautiful crab apple tree. The kids love playing under it, picking its fruit and digging their little teeth into the tart, bitter flesh. 

Photo by Tracy U.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Hello all

The following is information on an upcoming Community Music Event
organized/conducted by Mark Haney, the musician in residence at Falaise
Park (where our school is located).
Many of you might know that the area where our school stands was
developed as special housing for war veterans and that is why you can see
streets names are all named after warships and battlefields.
It was, in fact, a group of local families who started the play group
that became Happy Corner.

Mark has been very inspired by the history of the area and has been
working to compose music to depict its history. On November 11 at
11:00am, he invites everyone to come gather in the southern part
of Falaise Park for 12 minutes of musical tribute to "The Renfrew
Heights Veterans Housing Project and 11 Veterans from Vancouver".

For more information, Please go to:

See you there....

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Do you remember this? I totally remember this clip from my childhood. Teacher Hisae uses a few puppets to tell stories in class. Story Mouse, Alligator and others. I was realizing that not only do you have to be an expert in childhood development, but you also have to be an expert puppeteer and story teller to be the ideal ECE teacher. Teacher Hisae is all that and more.

ABC Cookie Monster

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Starting in November. Register 1st in your catchment school. This video is short and sweet and will help inform you. Here we go!

( Copy and paste in your browser, for some reason it won't link )

The Caterpillars will be turning into butterflies next year when they go to Kindergarten. Sniff, sniff.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Great article on Family Share  today

When your kids tell you you’re mean, take it as a compliment. The rising generation has been called the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history. Don’t give up. They may think you’re mean now, but they’ll thank you later.

The article is not talking about spanking or hitting. Just about boundaries. How were you raised? Did you get everything you wanted and asked for? Or did you have to work and do chores? Are you glad your Parents did what they did? Are there things you do differently? Are there things you do the same? One thing we have realized is that if we expect a certain behaviour we have to model it for them. My daughter literally repeats everything I say as I say it. Wether it is saying 'Please' and 'Thank You" all the time or if it's us getting mad in the car at the way people drive, they are learning and listening to us and we need to behave for them in the way we want them to behave for us.

One of the great things about Happy Corner Preschool is that Parent Education is part of our participation. We have phenomenal speakers brought in. They are some of the leading experts on child development that have written books and are teaching at our leading universities. One night another Parent and I looked at each other and said, "What she is talking about ( keeping the wonderment in childhood and learning ) we have that here with Hisae". ( Our Teacher at Happy Corner for the last 17 years ). We want our kids to carry with them what they have learned and experienced at the school. Knowledge, Kindness, Sense of Play and Creativity and most of all Friendships.

We are about to begin the school year. If you are looking for a preschool for your 3 or 4 yr old children, arrange to come in for an observation or get on the mailing list for one of our "Stay and Play" informal drop ins. Send us an email at People join us throughout the year. Maximum class sizes are 15 for the Teddy Bear class and 18 for the Caterpillar class. 

Then of course we are looking for enthusiastic Parents to join our community. I think it's typical to be intimidated by the format of Parent Participation. Fundraising, duty days, meetings, events. How can I do this and take care of my family and work?! When you see how great it is for your child then you make it work for you. Not only do the kids make connections but so do the parents and because there are such great people involved none of it feels like work. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Someone sent this wonderful post from the Magical Childhood Blog. With September approaching some people might be worrying about school and where their child is at, it's hard not to compare their development to others either physically or mentally.

At Happy Corner we have children ages 3 - 4. The Teddy Bear Class is the youngest class. For some children it is their first time away from Mum and Dad even for 2 hours! For little ones who are having a tough time we do gradual entry  and shorter days, this helps the families as well as the kids in the class get use to each other.

The end of the year is very different and it's wonderful to see the changes and the friendships that have happened.

The other day we ran into one of our Happy Corner Friends and there were many happy hugs for each other and they ran off holding hands to play. Sometimes it's hard to get together, we all have crazy schedules and holidays and lessons. But it's always nice to run into a Happy Corner classmate. It really makes our day!

Placemat that the Teddy Bear Class made

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