Thursday, 16 October 2014

Starting in November. Register 1st in your catchment school. This video is short and sweet and will help inform you. Here we go!  
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Monday, 1 September 2014

Great article on Family Share  today

When your kids tell you you’re mean, take it as a compliment. The rising generation has been called the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history. Don’t give up. They may think you’re mean now, but they’ll thank you later.

The article is not talking about spanking or hitting. Just about boundaries. How were you raised? Did you get everything you wanted and asked for? Or did you have to work and do chores? Are you glad your Parents did what they did? Are there things you do differently? Are there things you do the same? One thing we have realized is that if we expect a certain behaviour we have to model it for them. My daughter literally repeats everything I say as I say it. Wether it is saying 'Please' and 'Thank You" all the time or if it's us getting mad in the car at the way people drive, they are learning and listening to us and we need to behave for them in the way we want them to behave for us.

One of the great things about Happy Corner Preschool is that Parent Education is part of our participation. We have phenomenal speakers brought in. They are some of the leading experts on child development that have written books and are teaching at our leading universities. One night another Parent and I looked at each other and said, "What she is talking about ( keeping the wonderment in childhood and learning ) we have that here with Hisae". ( Our Teacher at Happy Corner for the last 17 years ). We want our kids to carry with them what they have learned and experienced at the school. Knowledge, Kindness, Sense of Play and Creativity and most of all Friendships.

We are about to begin the school year. If you are looking for a preschool for your 3 or 4 yr old children, arrange to come in for an observation or get on the mailing list for one of our "Stay and Play" informal drop ins. Send us an email at People join us throughout the year. Maximum class sizes are 15 for the Teddy Bear class and 18 for the Caterpillar class. 

Then of course we are looking for enthusiastic Parents to join our community. I think it's typical to be intimidated by the format of Parent Participation. Fundraising, duty days, meetings, events. How can I do this and take care of my family and work?! When you see how great it is for your child then you make it work for you. Not only do the kids make connections but so do the parents and because there are such great people involved none of it feels like work. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Someone sent this wonderful post from the Magical Childhood Blog. With September approaching some people might be worrying about school and where their child is at, it's hard not to compare their development to others either physically or mentally.

At Happy Corner we have children ages 3 - 4. The Teddy Bear Class is the youngest class. For some children it is their first time away from Mum and Dad even for 2 hours! For little ones who are having a tough time we do gradual entry  and shorter days, this helps the families as well as the kids in the class get use to each other.

The end of the year is very different and it's wonderful to see the changes and the friendships that have happened.

The other day we ran into one of our Happy Corner Friends and there were many happy hugs for each other and they ran off holding hands to play. Sometimes it's hard to get together, we all have crazy schedules and holidays and lessons. But it's always nice to run into a Happy Corner classmate. It really makes our day!

Placemat that the Teddy Bear Class made

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Photo: Rachael T

Group Playdate - Sprinkler Fun at Our House

Obviously we are all on our summer break right now. While we still have spaces left we are slowly filling up. 3 new families this week! It's so wonderful to meet them and hear their stories. One of our new parents who has done PPP (Parent Participation Preschool) before had a really great observation. How PPP is great for learning how to play with kids again. We are so busy and caught up in the business of taking care of our kids. Feeding, cleaning, laundry, camps and playdates etc. It's so hard to play at home.

How do you play with your kids? What do you do? What is their favourite thing or game to play?

The upcoming Caterpillar class are trying to get together every week and we are also inviting new and prospective parents to join us at various parks around the city. We all have our favourites and have scoped out new ones to try. Norquay and Maclean parks are current faves. They both have great equipment, summer programs, snack food to buy, and the always awesome water feature.

This is turning out to be the best summer because we have our Happy Corner friends to play with this year. In addition to that, they bring their wonderful friends too.

Life is good!

The "HCP Gang" at Norquay Park, Vancouver BC

Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy Corner Parent Participation Preschool had a booth at Commercial Drive's Car Free Day Saturday June 15th.

The weather did eventually cooperate. We had flags and the magic button machine from Kathy and Ron for the kids to color and take home. There were thousands of people in attendance and we got a few interested prospective families and we sure did spread the word about Happy Corner Preschool.

Thank you so much for the team of volunteers who made this crazy idea a success. Kathy and Ron for the Flags and Buttons and the use of the Magic Button Machine. Jennifer Read for the marketing flyers. Jenny Marineau for the Beautiful Poster which really drew people in to see what we were about. Lana, Zoe, Mike and Rachael, Lois, Peter and my Mother in Law - Laurel Murphy for jumping in and handing out flyers bravely.

We put in an application for a community table at the Farmer's Market and are waiting to hear. Trout Lake Farmer's Market would be a perfect place to connect with families in our community.

Just after the second spell of rain. Rachael working the sign

A year end tradition for Happy Corner students and families and our new families as well. We gather at Cates Park in North Vancouver for a scavenger/treasure hunt. An ancient japanese game of smash the water melon (so we can eat it). Singing and picnic-ing.

Photo - Tracy Uchida

Nature plays a big part in our curriculum at Happy Corner Preschool. We have the garden, we have had outings to the nature reserve in Burnaby, Maplewood Farm. Our beloved teacher Hisae always has the perfect book to read at circle time for every occasion.

What better place to connect to the wonderment of childhood?

What are your favourite memories of school outings? Where did you go and what did you do?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Saturday May 24 2014

Happy Corner held our Second Annual Spring Carnivale on the school grounds. This is one of our major fundraising events. The Spring Committee did an amazing job and the weather was perfect. We had a bouncy castle, a cake walk, silent auction, raffle, and carnival games. Snakes and ladders, knock the can, go fish, face painting. We had amazing donations from Koko's activity Centre in Port Moody, Tap lessons from the Vancouver Tap Society, 10 yoga sessions from the family and kid yoga studio in Kits, Yoga Buttons. It was great family fun for our parents and families, people from the neighbourhood came out. 
It struck me when I saw people holding each others' babies (we have quite a few younger siblings less than a year old) making the rounds, what a wonderful community we have with this little school. We feel comfortable and safe enough to watch each others' children. My daughter Keaton was running wild all day and it never occurred to me that I needed to follow her too closely. We can truly have a little free range time. Tracy Uchida, one of our parents is an amazing photographer. She shared some of her shots of the Carnival with us.

The Cuteness - They look like they are just around the water cooler chatting.

Next year we are definitely having a Bake Sale as well as the cake walk. It was too hard
not to go home with a cake.

Oi the cakes! 

What else can you use a Dinosaur with a party hat for?!

This is my little wonder, she wore her butterfly makeup to the bitter end of the day.

Knock the Can. Apparently one of the most popular booths! Well do it again next year for sure.

Claudette, one of our parents having way too much fun.

Jeff, also did some fantastic faces that day.
It was such a great day. I don't think I've had such a warm fuzzy feeling about an event since our wedding. 

Thank you so much to Mindy and her Spring Carnival Team. Shannon and her Volunteers, all the Grandmas, Jenny M and her firefighter friends who brought a firetruck by for the kids to play on. She also did a fantastic job of rallying 20+ something cakes for the cake walk. Rachael and Jenny I organized the games. They had a fantastic idea to give away books as prizes instead of candy or plastic toys. So we all went through our book collections for books to donate. It was a huge hit. Kathy and Ron did the food and those fun things like count the jelly beans and lollipops and lent us their magic button machine for the day!

Parent participation may not be for everyone and the work involved might scare some people off. We run the school, the admin, fundraising, financials and maintenance, we are in the class room as duty parents once or twice a month. Yes there has been a lot of work but I can honestly say putting on the events has been a breeze. It brings us together and it has been a wonderful bonding experience.

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